Acne and other follicular disorders

Acne, other follicular disorders and acne-like skin conditions.

General information
Acne – general information
What causes acne?
Bacteria in acne
Hyperandrogenism (excessive male sex hormones)
Comedones (blackheads and whiteheads)
Inflammatory lesions in acne
Investigations in acne
Lasers, lights and acne
Psychological effects of acne
Acne management
Topical treatment for acne
Antibiotics for acne
Blue light acne treatment

Images of acne
Facial acne
Back acne
Infantile acne

Types of acne
Acne vulgaris
Nodulocystic acne
Acne excorieé
Acne fulminans
Infantile and childhood acne
Acne in pregnancy
Acne due to medicines
Adult acne
Acne scarring
Comedonal acne
Follicular occlusion syndrome
Pyoderma faciale

Other follicular skin conditions
Acne agminata
Acne necrotica (scalp folliculitis)
Acne urticata (itchy spots)
Comedone naevus
Disseminate and recurrent infundibulofolliculitis
Folliculitis keloidalis
Gram negative folliculitis
Hidradenitis suppurativa
Hot tub (spa pool) folliculitis
Keratosis pilaris
Lichen spinulosus
Neonatal cephalic pustulosis
Oil folliculitis
Perioral/periorificial dermatitis (muzzle rash)
Malassezia folliculitis
Ocular rosacea
Pseudofolliculitis barbae
Pustular tinea
Sebaceous hyperplasia
Solar (senile) comedones
Seborrhoea (oily skin)
Bacterial folliculitis
Steatocystoma multiplex
Steroid acne
Steroid rosacea
Trichostasis spinulosa

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