Benzoyl peroxide

Author: Dr Amanda Oakley MBChB FRACP, Dept of Dermatology Waikato Hospital, 1999.

Benzoyl peroxide is a commonly used topical treatment for mild acne. It is safe for adults and children, and can be used in pregnancy.

Benzoyl peroxide has the following properties:

Benzoyl peroxide is available as cream, gel, lotion and wash at concentrations of 2.5 %, 5 % and 10 %. It may be combined with other topical or oral therapy. It is especially valuable in combination with topical or oral antibiotics as it may reduce the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

In New Zealand, products containing benzoyl peroxide are available without prescription. They include:

Benzoyl peroxide is also available on prescription in combination with other active agents.

How to use benzoyl peroxide products

Problems with benzoyl peroxide products

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